Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s next generation Xbox

December 14, 2019 by  
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We knew it was coming, but Microsoft’s next console has now been officially unveiled, with both its name and appearance surprisingly revealed to the world at The Game Awards.

Xbox Series X may sound similar to the Xbox One X, but this is Microsoft’s next generation console, and it looks really quite like a gaming PC, which fits with the fact that the console is said to be very powerful. The console can also be stood horizontally or vertically.

The Xbox Series X controller shares many similarities with the Xbox One controller, although new is the addition of a PS4 style share button. The d-pad has also been redesigned.

Other than rumours, nothing has been confirmed so far, but the name of the new console certainly suggests that there could be other series’ of Xbox’s on the way. Perhaps less powerful machines will be offered in the future.

Microsoft has yet to reveal a price or release date for the new console as of yet, but we do know that it is coming in time for Christmas next year. Around the same period as Sony’s PS5.