Untitled Goose Game Xbox One Review

December 22, 2019 by  
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Publisher: Panic  Developer: House House  Genre: Puzzles, Stealth  Players: 1

Age Rating: 3+  Other console/handheld formats: PS4, Nintendo Switch

The trailers would have you believe Untitled Goose Game is merely a simple simulator game in which you take control of a goose and annoy people, but surprisingly there is more to it than that. Untitled Goose Game features puzzles, and even some stealth, with a to-do list setting you tasks to complete.

The unnamed goose of the title has the ability to honk, run, flap his wings, pick up items and more, and as he approaches an area with a particularly English theme – such as an allotment, or a back garden – a list of challenges will tell you what you need to do there, with the goal being to open up the route to the next location.

Tasks can include breaking an item, taking items to a designated area, getting a person to do something, plus more. While the tasks aren’t particulary varied, the way you carry out each task is, and sometimes even requires some slight thinking outside the box. Untitled Goose Game is, for the most part, very simple to play, with most tasks being very obvious in how to complete them, but at least one task in every list had me stumped (though I managed to work out what to do later).

Completing the to-do list is also easier said than done; picking up an item will alert a person, who will then chase you to get said item back. Here is where some stealth can be used, as you use other items to distract a person while taking the item needed for said task, but even that can be challenging if multiple people are after you at once.


Your naughty antics have lead to an argument between these two neighbours.

As well as completing the lists, you can go free style and annoy people by simply fiddling around with other random items laying about. However, as amusing as it is, the person – or rather your intended target – will simply move an item back into its original place. As far as I can tell, playing around with other items in the environement didn’t unveil any secret amusing situations, these being kept for the main tasks. This could have encouraged more experimentation by players, but instead you’ll finding yourself sticking to the to-do list after realising that going off the beaten path doesn’t reveal much else.

The animations in the game also add to its overall quirkiness, and runs smoothly. The goose has his own small details, such as his tail wagging, or simply moving his about as though he is very aware of his surrounding environment. His little waddle as he walks, and the sound of his feet tapping on the ground, is also endearing.

People interacting with the goose is also amusing and, with there being no dialogue, their animations are able to convey clearly what their reaction is. The music, again inkeeping with the overall tone of simplicity, also helps to give you guidance, giving cues as to when you are being chased, and also playing in time to certain movements; the music will speed up when you are being chased, or slow down if you are sneeking about. The graphics also add character – colours are, again, kept basic, with pastel colours being used throughout.

There were times I did encounter some glitches, with the biggest requiring a reset of the level, but mostly the game ran without too many hitches.

The biggest issue is that the game is very short; no sooner does it pull you in, you find yourself at the final area. It took around 2-3 hours to complete. There are some extras unlocked after the main game has been completed, which include extra, more difficult tasks, but having one or two other areas to complete wouldn’t have gone unwanted. The game is available to play on the Xbox Game Pass right now, but if purchased it is currently priced at the introductory price of £16.74, and whether that is a good price to pay is your own opinion. Some might think it a bit steep for a game that can be fully completed in 5 hours or under, but it does have the extra content, is well made and is also very memorable while it lasts.