TOKI remake coming to Switch at the end of 2018

April 5, 2018 by  
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Toki  was released for the first time in 1989 and has marked an entire generation of players thanks to its ape-like character and its specific arcade game difficulty.


Toki, a human warrior, has a peaceful, primitive existence in the depths of the jungle with his beloved Miho. But they weren’t counting on the witch doctor Doctor Vookimedlo, who, entranced by Miho’s beauty, decides to kidnap her and transform Toki into a sinister-looking ape.

With the help of the demon Bashtar, Doctor Vookimedlo takes Miho to his golden Palace far away. Determined to get her back, Toki sets forth on a perilous adventure to reach Doctor Vookimedlo’s home, save his sweetheart and regain his appearance.

The former warrior must adapt to his new form; rather than using conventional weapons, he spits strange projectiles at his enemies to eliminate them. In the course of his quest, Toki finds items that help him reach his destination, including an American football helmet, a pair of ferns and a tuba.

Looking a lot sleeker than its original, thanks to the inclusion of two of the original games developers, Pierre Adane and Philippe Dessoly, the remake should stay very true to the original.