Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Wii Review

The Wii remote has always been a capable golf club, although with MotionPlus it becomes an even more accurate ball hitter. Just don’t go into the game expecting it to have pick up and play appeal, like real golf it requires you to practice your swings and to keep the club straight when you are striking the ball.

Indeed, with MotionPlus attached Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 becomes much more of a simulation, the Wii remote also becomes so accurate at picking up your movements that you have to be really careful with the follow through. For those who haven’t yet invested in Nintendo’s new tech, the game can be played without MotionPlus as well.

Without the MotionPlus, the game should be very familiar to those who played last years well received annual update. This means that, like last year and even without the fancy tech of the MotionPlus add-on, the game makes great use of the standalone Wii remote.

But it’s the MotionPlus that is rightly the topic of interest this year, so lets talk about it a little more. When MotionPlus is plugged in, it definitely feels much more accurate and picks up very slight movements, which means if you’re not hitting straight throughout an entire shot, then it will probably fly to the left or right, which is good when you want a draw or fade shot, but not so much when you’re aiming to hit the ball straight down the centre of the fairway. It’s also easier to gauge power as well, as your on-screen golfer pulls the club back in the very same manner as yourself. Here, MotionPlus works exactly as advertised, adding so much that is wonderful and new to the virtual game of golf. Just keep in mind that it’ll require plenty of practice and patience, as you’ll certainly need a different mindset going into this Wii golf game.

For swing difficulty, you can choose standard, advanced or EA Sports All-Play. Standard is more forgiving, whilst advanced is less so, requiring the steadiest and straightest of swings. Finally, All-Play takes away much of the challenge of guessing where the ball is going to end up courtesy of an on-screen arrow, it’s a good choice for beginners then. You can switch your shot type at any time, and if you’re doing truly badly during a round, Hank Haney (Tiger Woods coach) will appear and kindly ask if you’d like to switch to the All-Play.

This year, there’s also a new putting system. Precision Putting has you pulling the remote back to determine the length of the putt whilst during the forward swing, it’s all about the power. This system works wonderfully well, and when I overshot or under hit I always knew that it was me, the silly person, at fault as opposed to the game. If you prefer the classic putting, it’s also here as an option as well.

Alongside the usual PGA Tour Season, there’s Tournament Challenge, Live Online Tournaments and Disc Golf. Tournament Challenge has you using your created golfer to attempt to copy real world achievements from real life golfers, with each course presenting you with easy, medium and hard scenarios.

Live Tournaments on the other hand allow you to play daily and week-long tournaments online, being given the option to submit your score upon completing a round. There’s also Play the Pros, which gives you the opportunity to play against current real life professional scores, no doubt it would be satisfying to finish up with a score better than any said professional.

Finally, we come to the Disc Golf. Disc Golf is basically normal golf rules but instead of striking a ball with a club, you toss a Frisbee instead. With MotionPlus, Disc Golf picks up every little rotational movement you make, and to see your movements exactly replicated on the screen is very impressive to say the least. It’s not only a champion of 1:1 movement, but also great fun as well.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is an amazing entry in the franchise, particularly with MotionPlus attached, indeed it may not be the best looking of games, but it’s certainly the truest and most fulfilling golf simulation that the world has ever seen. The quest for the perfect swing may not be an easy one for some, although the required time and practice is well worth it in the end.