Three Fields Entertainment reveal a sequel as well as a new game

June 21, 2018 by  
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Three Fields Entertainment are working on a sequel to the enjoyable and destructive Danger Zone, which is due for release next month on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Danger Zone 2 actually takes place across 23 real life accident blackspots, and includes drifting and boosting. Even more spectacular crashes are also promised, which is a good thing for a game that is all about crashing and causing massive destruction. Like the game that came before it, it obviously takes lots of inspiration from Burnout’s famous crash mode.

Three Fields Entertainment are also working on Dangerous Driving, which sounds like a spiritual successor to Burnout’s racing portion to me, and is said to be the UK developer’s most ambitious game to date. Racing, boosting, and takedowns can be expected, which sounds very Burnout. The game is also a more linear racing game than the open-world Burnout Paradise was, which will delight those who didn’t get on with that game. Dangerous Driving is due for release in winter.

Three Fields Entertainment was founded by Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, whom previously founded Criterion, the developers of the much cherished Burnout series.

Source: Eurogamer