The Messenger Teaser Trailer for Switch

March 21, 2018 by  
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Reminding me only very slightly of Shinobi, The Messenger is a 2D pixellated platformer which follows the main character, a Ninja, as he progresses through various levels with the graphics slowly evolving from 8bit to 16bit as he advances.

The teaser trailer released today showcases some of the main character’s abilities, with some of the more straight forward skills including climbing up or sliding down walls, jumping, throwing shurikens and using his sharp sword to defeat enemies.

You can also unlock new outfits to use at certain points during levels, such as a wing suit that can be used to fly upwards using updraughts, use a grappling hook and you can also upgrade his characteristics and abilities, such as HP Boost, Checkpoint Boost and Damage Reduction.

You’ll also be fighting all manner of different enemies, including some ‘silly bosses’, suggesting a humorous tone to the game.