The Medium delayed by over a month

November 6, 2020 by  
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Bloober Team’s horror title The Medium is one of the most promising early exclusives for the Xbox Series X/S, but it has now sadly been delayed.

Citing the Coronavirus Pandemic as well as doing their best to avoid certain games, Bloober Team has now delayed the game to January 28th. It was originally due for release on December 10th. It’s not the longest delay the, but it’s still a shame for all that are awaiting its release with great anticipation.

The Medium makes use of the SSD drive in Microsoft’s new console, allowing for a dual reality. You take control of Marianne, the titular Medium, who heads to a hotel after suffering from disturbing visions of a child being murdered. The game also takes inspiration from Silent Hill, and even enlisted Akira Yamaoka as the game’s composer, a man known for his work on the Silent Hill series’ music.