Some of the Best VR Games You Can Play Right Now

June 18, 2018 by  
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Virtual Reality gaming is still on the up and up, with many huge companies having entered the fray but releasing their own headsets. Now that major franchises like Fallout and Skyrim have adapted their games for virtual reality, it should be only a matter of time before the concept hits the mainstream and headsets grow in popularity (and decrease in cost).

On the market right now are the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and, of course, the PlayStation VR. For those not ready to commit to the cost of a real headset, there’s also a small selection of titles available for those playing on mobile headsets, using Google Daydream or Samsung Gear headmasks. However, if you are not ready to take the plunge soon, here are some very compelling reasons that might sway you.

Skyrim VR

The sprawling digital fantasy world of Skyrim was already an immersive experience without VR, with one user forum indicating players have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing. It stands to reason then, that introducing a VR component into a game that has already withstood the test of time would produce fantastic results. Available on all three major headsets and with edits made to ensure the game fits the new medium through new controls and movement options, this is a truly seamless result from the oft-criticised Bethesda crew.

Beat Saber ​

In the theme of hugely popular free mobile app Fruit Ninja, this virtual reality rhythm game allows you to slice at notes of the soundtrack with dual lightsabers. While it might be hard to imagine shelling out for a game when there is a similar free version available, the VR technology allows you to feel the impact of each direct hit, creating a simple but intuitive play experience that makes the cost well worth it. Asking users to pay money for something they could get for free is a common practice in the gaming industry, as in the case of the free practice offered by Canadian casino sites, who note some of Canada’s best players may have started this way before graduating to for-cash play. More than just a game, Beat Saber is a physical workout and, though the song selection is fairly limited at the moment, its developers have promised to expand the range in future.

Arizona Sunshine

Few game concepts lend themselves as perfectly to VR as the first-person shooter, whether to enhance horror or simply to make spotting your opponents easier and more intuitive. Gamers have been murdering hordes of zombies since the 8-bit Zombie Zombie game released in 1984. Arizona Sunshine doesn’t play too much with the well-loved genre, depicting the player as a foul-mouthed outlaw in a post-apocalyptic desert town but what it lacks in innovative writing, it more than makes up for in the broad arsenal of guns and weapons it offers to players.

Lucky’s Tale

Those with a sweeter disposition, might instead want to check out the charming Oculus Rift platformer Lucky’s Tale. Complete with an Animal Crossing-esque aesthetic, this 3D platformer makes excellent use of your ability to manipulate perspective, hiding secrets behind trees and under obstacles. More forgiving to casual players than, for example, a classic Mario Bros production, this game also has shorter levels in order to avoid eye strain. Still this a worthwhile twist on a truly classic mode of gameplay and one that will brings hours of delight.