Superliminal Xbox One Review

July 26, 2020 by  
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Publisher: Pillow Castle Games Developer: Pillow Castle Games  Genre: Puzzle  

Players: 1  Age Rating: 12+  Other console/handheld formats: PS4, Switch

Superliminal is a clever game that plays around with forced perspectives and other illusions. Here, you are tasked with completing various puzzles in which you’ll need to think outside of the box in order to progress. The main mechanic of the game is that, depending on how close or far away you are from an object, you can increase or decrease the size of it, and use it in some manner. Objects can be made small to place in unreachable locations, or big to reach inaccessible, higher areas. The scope for puzzles here is extensive and some can leave you scratching your brain for a number of minutes.

A sleep experiment is taking place and as you walk around your dream world, you are guided by an automated female voice as well as Dr. Glenn Pierce, a Scottish doctor with amusingly tongue in cheek dialogue and who has the ability to remain amazingly calm, even as events start to turn wrong.

Puzzles are not always so black and white.

You “wake up” to an alarm every day, and after hitting the off button, you can wander out of the bedroom to see what amazing imagery awaits. It’s as much of an experience as well as a game and the surprises keep on coming. You’ll certainly be left in awe. It’s a difficult game to review without revealing too many spoilers about the puzzles you encounter. It’s very much a case of the game best being played to be seen rather than trying to describe what you’ll come across.

There are 8 areas in total, each with puzzles based around their own unique style, be it having the ability to clone items, or making use of black and white space. You can pick up any items you come across in the game and play around with them, and maybe even unlock some achievements. Dotted around are also blueprints for you to collect, as well as secret areas for you to try and access.

The game is short at around 3 and a half hours, and towards the end there seems to be fewer puzzles as more of the experience-side kicks in when the story is drawing to a close. There’s also a risk that the game can be glitchy considering the insanely huge size that you can make objects, but overall it was mostly a smooth and highly enjoyable experience, and one that is definitely worth playing.