Sony ‘scolded’ for misleading Gran Turismo Sport Ad

March 21, 2018 by  
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The advert for Gran Turismo Sport aired in the UK last year, on October 23rd 2017, and featured gameplay showcasing a selection of tracks and cars, with only 30 of the cars and 3 tracks shown available offline.

The Advertising Standards Authority deemed the trailer misleading as some of the cars and tracks shown cannot be accessed without an internet connection, misleading people to believe that more content would be available to them offline than what was actually shown.

Sony argued that during the adverts airtime, three quarters of PS4’s sold had connected to the internet at some point during the ads screening.

However, the ATA have upheld the complaint, and now Sony cannot show the ad without making amendments, and the company must make it clear in future whether a game requires an internet connection.

Polyphony Digital has since been improving Gran Turismo Sport’s offline gameplay, but an internet connection is still required to access full content.