Sonic Adventure 3 teased?

October 9, 2020 by  
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Most likely not, but a post by the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter feed has got fans in a tizzy.

On October 7th, Sonic the Hedgehog posted a tweet of Super Sonic (from Sonic Adventure), stating that, mathematically, Super Sonic is aesthetically pleasing, comparing his Super appearance to a golden ratio template, inside of which, when altered, a number 3 can be seen.

The hidden 3 that has got fans all excited.

Along with the cryptic tweet, Dr. Eggman’s current voice actor, Mike Pollock, also responded with a post of a music video of Schoolhouse Rock’s “3 is a Magic Number”. Hmmmm…


These two posts have sent Sonic fans into a frenzy, with some believing this to be a tease for Sonic Adventure 3.

However, there are still some sceptics. Tails’ Channel released an article explaining why the tweet was definitely not a tease for Sonic Adventure 3, citing Sonic Official’s past posts, which are known for its teasing faux pas that didn’t amount to much, and also that the template used was a simple stock image.

But fans are still hopeful, wondering why a template would be used with all the numbers scrubbed bar the number 3. Was it simply forgetfulness on the editors part? Also of note, is the fact that Mike Pollock was the first to post a comment, when you’d expect an eagle-eyed fan to spot the number first.

With the next generation of consoles just around the corner, boasting the ability to give us the best visuals ever and SSD drives that almost completely eradicate loading times – perfect for a Sonic game, which is based on speed – could a Sonic Adventure 3 finally be in the works? We’ll most likely have to wait until 2021, the year of Sonic’s 30th anniversary, to find out.