News – Silent Hill Comic Series on the Way

July 27, 2010 by  
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Tom Waltz, the writer of the forthcoming eighth iteration of Silent Hill, has revealed that he is also working on a four part comic series related to the game.

Speaking to FEARnet he revealed that the comic series titled Silent Hill: Past Life is set in 1867 and focuses on Jebediah Foster, a nasty outlaw that meets a widow who changes him for the better. The couple wish to get away from the wilderness, so they head off to settle down in the titular town. But obviously with it being the creepy town of Silent Hill and all, it’s a bad choice, and Jebediah is soon facing the ghosts of his past.

It may be set in a completely different time period, but the game actually features a character that’s in the comic and Waltz hopes that fans will be intrigued of just how this is possible.

The first issue of Silent Hill: Past Life is expected in October.