Shelter generations Switch release date

April 5, 2018 by  
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The beauty of nature goes hand in hand with its unforgiving rawness. In Shelter Generations, you embark upon unique journeys in the wild that present varied challenges and familial love – it’s a memorable experience wherever you play.

Shelter Generations for the Nintendo Switch will feature exclusive content, including two games, two soundtracks and two ‘living books’, combining a lot of special content that was previously only available in separate parts on PC.

Features include:

  • Shelter 2 – Play as a mother Lynx, raising and protecting your cubs in a beautiful but challenging world
  • Paws: A Shelter 2 – Guide a cub through detailed landscapes in a unique narrative adventure
  • Listen to the full soundtracks for both Shelter 2 and Paws
  • Read and experience two ‘living books’, each telling a unique tale
  • Play in the TV, Desktop and Portable modes
  • Nintendo Switch console exclusive

Shelter Generations will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on 12th April 2018. In week one of its release the game will have an early bird discount, costing only £16.28. Afterwards it will cost £18.09.