News – Red Dead Redemption DLC info

July 8, 2010 by  
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Those hoping for downloadable content for Rockstar’s excellent Red Dead Redemption will be grinning from ear to ear now that Rockstar have announced that four packs are on their way.

Sometime in August, the developer will release The Legends and Killers Pack. This first batch of content will come with 9 new multiplayer maps, 8 new characters (including characters from Red Dead Revolver), a sparkly new gun, and finally new achievements and trophies for the hoarders out there. This will set you back 800 Microsoft Points on the 360 and $9.99 (no UK price announced) on the PS3.

The Liars and Cheats (release TBC) content will allow for multiplayer mini games (Liars Dice and Poker) whilst in free roam mode. There’s also new challenges, multiplayer horse racing (should be fun!). This pack will also come with new trophies and achievements and will be priced the same as The Legends and Killers Pack.

The Free Roam Pack (release TBC) will introduce new challenges, action areas and defensive placements, and posse scoring and leaderboards. A price has yet to be announced for this one.

Finally, The Undead Nightmare Pack (release TBC) appears to be the Pack that will be of interest to those who are yearning for more single player action, being that it promises a new adventure (something about ghost towns and cemeteries coming to life) for the lone gamer. This pack will also bring new animals into the world, as well as challenges and dynamic events, although multiplayer hasn’t been completely ignored: there’ll be 8 new zombie characters to use online.

I personally was hoping for something more along the line of GTA IV’s two downloadable packs, although The Undead Nightmare Pack could prove to be the quality single player content that I’m looking for.

I really enjoyed Red Dead Redemption and my thoughts can be read in my review. Be warned, it’s only an 8/10.