Realpolitiks coming to Nintendo switch

April 25, 2018 by  
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Realpolitiks was originally released for PC, and will now be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Q3 2018. Upon release, the game will include all gameplay elements of the PC version, and will also include the “New Power” DLC.

Realpolitiks is a strategy game in which you can become your own politician, running the world and dealing with all manner of real and fictional scenarios and dilemmas, such as the collapse of the EU, rise in Islamic State, and the aftermath of WW3.

Just like real politics, you can play fair or dirty, becoming a value member of the UN or a nuclear tyrant, bullying those around you. Your supremacy isn’t restricted to land either – you can colonise the oceans, and even try and spread your influence into outer space, all with the goal of gaining complete dominance.

You can view more in the trailer below.