Raze’s Hell Xbox Review

May 30, 2010 by  
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The enemies on Raze’s Hell look about as unthreatening as a basket of cute kittens, but whereas complaints could be made about a similar occurrence on another game, cuteness on Raze’s Hell is actually considered as evil (the enemies here are actually trying to put an end to ugliness), therefore in a nice twist to the norm you’ll find yourself combating foes that look like simple cuddly toys.

If Raze’s enemies appear to be a bunch of brightly coloured fluffy animals, Raze himself is a vicious looking monster that looks about as approachable as a pack of hungry wolves. It’s a genius switch around that might cause a few chuckles, and coming face-to-face with an armed and cute enemy Kewlett for the first time is sure to entertain, especially upon hearing their ridiculous high-pitched voices.

Raze’s Hell is a nicely priced action game that has plenty going for it other then its warped sense of humour, such as a respectable and sometimes testing single player challenge, mini games, and some pleasing multiplayer options (cooperative, system link and online). This all assures that you are getting a good return in value for a rather small cash sum.

Raze himself is a brilliant and intimidating design that is matched well with his firepower and his vicious manner of doing away with his enemies. When close to a kewlett for instance you are able to perform a nasty melee attack that makes a meal out of your enemy, and despite the sweet deception of your cute foes, things can actually get pretty bloody on occasions like these!

Another gruesome action that the character possesses is that when you are in need of health, sucking up the leftovers of your enemy is the way to go. It’s a rather unique way to keep yourself alive, but it does prove difficult at times if you are under heavy fire and are unable to find salvation from all the colourful cuteness.

Raze’s colour coordinated ammo (or squibs) also must be vacuumed up, and in a nice touch, whichever ammo you are currently using is displayed in an appropriately coloured glowing sphere on Raze’s back. You’ll find new ammo upon reaching specific levels, and it ranges from rather ordinary to outlandish and amusing.

Apart from firing round after round of ammo, Raze can tuck himself into a ball and roll around the levels, making journeying quicker and a handy resource if speed just so happens to be of the essence for one reason or another. We can’t understand why Raze is unable to jump though, and without this action, it feels like there’s something sorely missing from the characters abilities. It’s just plain wrong.

There’s a great single player campaign mode accompanied by online options as well as some secret mini games. Online the game has a fair amount to offer (Deathmatches, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and even Football) , although sadly the servers are pretty much empty at this moment in time and it’s something that we think is unlikely to alter, given the games rather low profile as well as many peoples abandonment of the Xbox in favour of Microsoft’s sleek new console. In spite of this, at such an attractive price, Raze’s Hell is definitely well worth a look. Just don‘t feel too guilty about putting the cute Kewletts out of their misery!