Ray’s the Dead Gets New Release Date & Trailer

October 8, 2020 by  
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Ray’s the Dead was announced over 7 years ago and now finally it has a release date!

Ray’s the Dead is set in 1980’s America and follows Ray LeMorte, who is now walking the earth as a zombie but is unsure exactly how he got that way.

Described as a dark comedy, Ray’s the Dead is a narrative-driven game involving puzzles, action and stealth, and even some tough choices to be made. Ray can summon other zombies with different skills to do his bidding as he goes on a journey to rediscover his troubled childhood and work to find out exactly how he died.

Ray’s the Dead is out for PlayStation 4 on October 22nd in North America, with a European release soon to follow, and a Nintendo Switch release in 2021. The game will also be backwards compatible on PlayStation 5 at launch.