Quake 4 Xbox 360 Review

May 30, 2010 by  
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The fourth Quake game has a lot in common with Doom 3. It’s not quite as atmospheric, but Quake 4 could still almost pass as another Doom 3 expansion. We can’t understand why the games are so similar in so many ways, surely id aren’t that much out of ideas that they can’t separate two of their own titles?

Perhaps it’s the fact that Quake 4 uses the same sexy technology, as it looks just as good as Doom 3 on the Xbox, if not a little better thanks to the extra horsepower of the 360. But it goes deeper than this as Quake 4 not only looks like Doom 3, it also plays remarkably similar.

Aliens from hell may not be the adversaries that you stare down your gun at, but the Strogg are still a bunch of rather unintelligent beings. We can forgive the game for sharing the “run and gun” FPS theme, but it feels so similar to Doom 3 that it’s a good job that outdoor environments and vehicles play a bigger part, as at least in this way the two are distinguishable from one another in some key areas.

It does feel like you are a part of something bigger with the addition of ally troops, which you meet up with in certain areas. Medics and Engineers can heal and repair your armour respectively, whilst other troops attempt to make their mark by simply emptying lead into Strogg soldiers. Your allies cannot be commanded in any way, but thankfully they are governed by decent enough AI, and the fact that some can help out in times of need is a nice touch, which you‘ll be grateful for. This is another avenue that Doom 3 left unexplored, maybe the two games are more different than we originally thought, or then again perhaps not.

If you are seeking something out of the ordinary then Quake 4 certainly isn’t your perfect gaming partner, as it doesn’t present any real surprises. This is as traditional as FPS gaming comes, right down to the comforting fact that you can carry a stack of weapons without having to constantly switch them around. We think that originality is sometimes overrated here at Console Obsession, as long as a game is fun to play then we’re not bothered about the latest innovation.

We liked Doom 3 a lot, but despite being strikingly similar, Quake 4 is probably the better of the two games. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil has a better shotgun though, it’s double-barrelled and everything, which makes Quake’s look like a pathetic water pistol! Quake largely has better enemies, and is just more enjoyable to play, although Doom’s atmosphere was really special and was such a prominent part that we’ve got to wonder if that is indeed the truth. To end our own personal argument, we like them both.

This is Quake so you’d expect an online mode, and unsurprisingly it delivers the goods. Over Live it’s a fun shooter that is definitely decided by skill rather than simple luck. Death Matches, Capture the Flag and Tournaments are the modes you’ll be fighting it out in with or against fellow Quake 4 players.

Bar a few differences Quake 4 is basically Doom 3 for the 360, but to settle this review, we’ve come to the conclusion that Quake 4 is decidedly better. Same overall score though…