PSVR Next Gen Controllers Revealed

March 18, 2021 by  
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Sony have revealed what the next gen controllers for the PSVR will look like, and also what features they will have. These include adaptive triggers, which PS5 owners will already be familiar with, in which the triggers loosen or tighten depending on the situation in a game and Haptic feedback, in which they will vibrate depending on what is happening in the games environment, such as footsteps and dripping rain.

The controls look very sleek & modern, in line with designs such as the Oculus Quest 2.

The controls will also be able to detect your hands without having to place any fingers or thumbs on parts of the control, and instead of an outside camera, your movements will now be detected by the PSVR headset itself.

The left control will have an analog stick, the triangle and square button, the L1 button, used for gripping, the L2 trigger button, and the Create button. The right control will have an analog stick, the cross and circle buttons, R1 grip button, R2 trigger button and an Options button.

Showing off the trigger and grip buttons on the handset.