Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PSP Review

Last year’s PSP version of Pro Evolution Soccer may have had online play, although it just so happened to be laggy online play. The mode has been removed from the 2010 edition, though all the power to Konami if they can bring it back, nice and smooth next year. The remainder of the package is pretty much the same game we all played in the previous annual outing.

Of course, in some respects this isn’t a bad thing at all. The game is still a lovely portable version of Konami’s series, that is both slick and faithful in its execution. There’s few noticeable – if any – changes to the game itself, but as a portable game of football it does deliver the goods.

Sadly, with the removal of the World Tour Challenge and online modes, the game actually has less content than last year’s, which isn’t really an encouragement to make the upgrade. The only major (if you can call it that) new feature, is the introduction of the UEFA Champions League, it’ll be welcome to fans, though it’s not exactly as unique of a mode as Become a Legend (back in this annual update) was when it was introduced last year.

Also returning are the Master League, cup, league, Ad-hoc multiplayer and edit options, which at least means that they haven’t culled any more features.

So all in all, it’s a lazy update then and, unless you really want to play the Champions League this year or are fussed about player updates, it’s not really worth the upgrade for those who purchased a copy of last year’s edition. Maybe next year, they’ll get their finger out and once again make a worthy game to upgrade to, but this year Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is an upgrade that just isn’t worth making.