Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PSP Review

Those who weren’t too fond of the latest Pro Evolution Soccer game on the PS3 and 360 needn’t worry about this PSP version, as it’s similarities are actually closer to that of the PSP version.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on the PSP is an impressive port, it may not have the graphical polish or as slick controls as the console versions, but it’s mightily impressive to be released with most of the features that were featured in the PS2 version (including the rather clever Teamvision, which sees the AI adapting to your style of play).

As mentioned above, graphically the game pales next to the PS2 version, and whilst this is always to be expected due to the handhelds lesser power, it still looks fantastic for a PSP game. The animations are wonderfully fluid and the framerate only takes a dive when the screen fills up with players. Probably due to too many big egos, nothing at all to do with the PSP’s occasional graphical struggles.

Debuting on the PSP this year is the World Tour mode, which is similar to the Challenge mode that has appeared in EA’s football games for awhile now. Instead of challenges Konami have titled the tasks as missions, and it’s these missions that have you doing everything from winning by a comfortable margin, playing a full match without any benchwarmers to bring on to freshen your squad up, scoring from a cross and so on. It’s a good single player mode, and then of course we have the always popular Master League and the chance to play separate cup competitions in a bid to win some silverware.

Multiplayer on the other hand is still exclusively via ad-hoc, which means that online play is still mysteriously absent from PSP Pro Evolution Soccer.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is a fantastic and impressive portable kick around for Sony’s stylish handheld. Even if you already own the game on PS2, the connectivity between the two systems may interest you, particularly if you like to continue your football campaigns when you’re away from your PS2. All in all then it’s a fine example of pocket football.