Pro Evolution 6 PSP Review

When Pro Evolution Soccer 6 was released on the Xbox 360 it may have been disappointing for a next generation showing, and indeed the debut of the series on PSP (PES5) was met with a similar mixed reaction. Fortunately the disappointment on the 360 is actually an improvement over the PSP‘s debut release.

The Master League has become a yearly fixture of the series, although when PES5 was released on PSP, the absence of the mode didn’t please those who have enjoyed it in previous console releases. Those people will be overjoyed with number 6 on the PSP, as the Master League joins the cups, leagues and tournaments.

Another reason that PES5 was criticised for on the PSP was its zoomed in camera, and PES6 fixes that and gives us a camera that shows us much more of the pitch and makes good use of the PSP’s widescreen capabilities as a result. True, everything is visually fuzzier, although the graphics are still excellent, and it’s obvious that this is a really good portable version of the much cherished football series, although it’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

The lesser buttons on the PSP is one problem that Konami doesn’t have the power to sort out, but the Japanese companies improvisation should be commended, as they’ve done good with what’s there. Compromises are always going to be have to be made, and it’s one of those things that makes portable Pro Evolution Soccer a lesser game than its bigger screen versions.

A multiplayer mode is delivered via ad-hoc, but sadly there’s no online options for those who can’t play against others with PSP’s in close vicinity to themselves. At least for those who can do neither, the Master League assures that there’s more longevity for people who exclusively play on their own.

As a portable game Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is an outstanding achievement, but if you’ve got a PS2 or Xbox 360 console system sitting under your television set, then it’s not difficult to choose which version to go for if you are looking for the cream of the crop. Still, if you must have a portable footy game then you certainly could do much worse than the brilliant Pro Evo 6.