Pocket Rumble coming to Switch this week

July 2, 2018 by  
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Pocket Rumble is a simplified, beginner-friendly 2D pixellated fighting game inspired by SNK’s classic fighters on the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

It retains all the gameplay elements that make traditional fighters great, but reduces the level of execution and memorisation necessary to the absolute minimum.

The game features a cast of characters, each with their own unique meter and mechanics, including Keiko, who wields a demonic detonating cat called Q; Subject 11, a grappler who harnesses psychokinetic powers to toss enemies like rag dolls; and Hector, a ninja cowboy who uses a katana to keep his opponents at bay. His specials also cost life-points, which must be restored using his meter.

Pocket Rumble will be launched for the Nintendo Switch on 5th July 2018.