Outlaw Volleyball: Remixed PS2 Review

Having recently reviewed Outlaw Tennis and showered it with praise we were therefore looking forward to spending some time with the Outlaw version of Volleyball. The original Outlaw Volleyball was released on the Xbox ages ago, and this PS2 edition is a remix, which includes brand new courts and exclusive modes, hence the title Outlaw Volleyball: Remixed (duh!).

Lots of humour, lots of modes and a load of replay value is exactly what we have come to expect from our Outlaw games. Outlaw Volleyball stays faithful to expectation and ticks all the correct boxes. It’s still funny, it presents many modes to the player and has more replay value then some full-priced titles. Needless to say it’s a great addition to the madcap series.

Like previous Outlaw games, Outlaw Volleyball hits all the right buttons where it matters most, which means that the game is very much capable of playing a genuine match of Volleyball whilst being rather witty at the same time, this is always a winning combination and something that the series has done successfully since Outlaw Golf first arrived on the scene.

The game plays, as you’d expect, with blocks and spikes playing a most vital role. After the initial serve it’s all about eye coordination and hitting back the highest quality spikes you can muster. This is achieved through an on-screen bar, which measures the quality of the delivery, and obviously you want to aim for the best spike possible to hopefully catch the opposition team off guard. Blocking is also an ideal manoeuvre to surprise the opposing team, getting close to the net and knocking the ball straight back over to where it came from, although this is not always an easy task to accomplish.

The games turbo button also plays a major role during the often-heated matches, allowing you to hit back powerful shots and swiftly reach the ball. Combined and limited to the amount of player momentum, it works well during volleys. If you fancy a little more momentum you can also participate in the Outlaw rule of “button-mashing fighting” which earns the winner the momentum of his/her fallen foe.

The tour mode is typically massive and houses a host of things to unlock. Choosing an AI controlled partner that matches the rank of your own player, and then feeling the sand between your toes in 50 events. Drills on the other hand allow you to train your duo up and boost their stats (and ranks) by completing enjoyable mini-games these become increasingly tough as you unlock them throughout the tour.

A heap of modes including Hot Potato, Casino, Baseball and Ping Pong Ball means that it doesn’t have to be plain old Volleyball all the time especially if you are feeling like something a little outlandish. Rules are also customisable, and this all comes together to assure that it’s a game that you won’t finish over the weekend, unless you deprive yourself of all sleeping habits that is!

“Volleyball done well” is a fitting set of three words for this cheeky take on the sport. It’s way over the top, but it’s something that Outlaw fans have come to love. It’s Volleyball with a kick up the backside, and its all the better for it. We almost certainly think that the game wears its cheap and satisfying price tag with a huge beaming smile, and it’s worth every single penny!