Nintendo announce Pool Panic for Switch!

March 20, 2018 by  
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Nintendo today released an announcement trailer for new game Pool Panic, a cartoon-like game which focuses on anthropomorphic pool balls who are unleashed on the ‘real’ world, and who are able to explore and discover. Unlike your usual game of pool, Pool Panic certainly adds a very different twist!

Taking control of the White cue ball, you can discover over 100 levels all with their own theme, including music festivals, mines, diners, the wild west, caverns, farms, and more.

Other escapades your cue ball can find itself in include fighting a swamp monster, lighting up a derelict lighthouse, battling a biker gang, puking on a pirate ship, fleeing zombie balls after raising the dead, foiling a bank heist, and riding a horse ball, jousting. Not your ordinary game of pool then!

You can also discover different types of pool balls which have their own set of skills, requiring some strategy from yourself on how to pot them, even as they fight back and try to foil your attempts.

Pool Panic also supports local multiplayer and can be played with up to four players.