News – Xbox One S is a smaller version of the console

June 13, 2016 by  
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It has been recently leaked, but Microsoft has now made the Xbox One S official at their E3 conference.

The Xbox One S will be around 40% smaller than the current Xbox One model, have an integrated power supply and IR Blaster, and support 4K Blu-ray and HDR gaming. The console will also feature one USB port. If you are wanting to use Kinect with this model, however, then you’ll have to buy an additional adapter.

As for the controller, it apparently has twice the wireless range in comparison to the current controller, and this is thanks to the Bluetooth support that has been added. This also allows the controller to connect to various Windows 10 devices. Other features of the controller include textured grips and alterations to the sticks, which will apparently help reduce wear. I actually think that the PS4 is more in need of this.

The console will be released in three varieties, with 2TB, 1TB and 500GB being your options. The 2TB version will cost £349 and will be the model that will be initially available in early August, the 1TB version will cost £299 and, finally, the 500GB version will be priced at £249.