News – WWE ’13 Universe mode detailed

October 9, 2012 by  
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The Universe mode will once again be returning for WWE ’13, and the list of improvements from the official announcement can be seen below:

Create a show

Players now have the freedom to create their own shows while scheduling which day they appear on, from Monday through Saturday. In their show creation process, players will be able to choose the presentation graphics, the arena, which rosters appear on the show, and assign up to four Championships to be contested over.

Create a Pay-Per-View

In addition to custom shows, players can also create a Pay-Per-View that can be held on any Sunday. Along with choosing the presentation graphics and arena, players can choose which shows participate in the Pay-Per-View, as well as the match-type theme.


Players can now view various championship and show statistics within their WWE Universe. Containing both historical statistics and statistics that update as your WWE Universe progresses, players can try to further one Superstar’s championship reign or try to beat it.


Superstars will enter into feuds against each other as part of a rivalry, while competing for #1 contender rights for a championship title, and more. Take part in 200 new storyline feuds and choose which Superstars stand out in your Universe.

More Content, More Freedom

Many improvements and other additions have been made to Universe, such as more matches per show and the freedom to edit whole match cards, customizable championship rankings, and the ability to restart your Universe from the beginning.

WWE ’13 is due for release on November 2nd on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii on November 2nd.