News – Wii U Virtual Console launching in spring

January 24, 2013 by  
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Nintendo have announced that the Wii U’s Virtual Console will be launching on the console this spring.

The Virtual Console is of course the service that allows you to download retro games. On the Wii U, you’ll initially be able to download NES and SNES games, with Gameboy Advance games also planned.

Titles on the Wii U’s Virtual Console will be playable with the GamePad, and will also feature their own Miiverse pages. When the service launches, all the previous Virtual Console games on the Wii won’t be available from the off.

Also noteworthy is the fact that you’ll have to re-buy Virtual Console games you have already purchased on the Wii, which has obviously caused some controversy. To soften the blow, there’s a big discount on games you have previously bought, with NES games, which usually cost £3.49, being reduced to 99p, and SNES games, which are normally priced at £5.49, being slashed to £1.49.

Finally, Nintendo currently has a trial campaign in which you’ll be able to try out Virtual Console games for 30 days. Games include Balloon Fight (available now), F-Zero, Donkey Kong and Mario & Yoshi. Each trial will cost you 30p.