News – We Happy Few pre-launch Date confirmed

June 14, 2016 by  
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Developed by Compulsion Games, We Happy Few is a first-person survival game set in the fictional Wellington Wells, England in 1964. Germany has successfully invaded England, though ‘a Very Bad Thing’ happened that managed to defeat the Nazi’s, but was something so horrendous that, in order to cope with guilt, the people turned to taking a drug called ‘Joy’, which helps them to forget everything that happened and so helps them to live together in peace. You take control of a Downer, a person who does not take the drug, which the local law enforcement and locals do not take kindly to, and it is your mission to escape the happy-crazed society. A very kitsch game, viewing gameplay footage from the PC version, it shows your character scavenging for items, hand-to-hand combat and shows you roaming the true reality of the world, a deteriorating place with people, who look like ventriloquist dolls just to up the creepiness factor, who are in complete denial about the real world they live in. The game will be released in a pre-alpha state on Xbox Game Preview July 26th.