News – Unit 13 release date announced

January 13, 2012 by  
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PlayStation Vita shooter Unit 13 will be released on March 7th, Sony has announced.

The Zipper Interactive developed Unit 13 is described as the full shooter experience on handheld, which is thanks to Sony’s smart decision to include two analog sticks on Vita.

Unit 13 boasts four mission types. Direct Action will be based around multiple options, and tactical play will be rewarded in these large missions. Deadline has you going up against the clock in medium sized missions. Elite, on the other hand, are small to medium sized missions with no health regeneration or checkpoints, and you’ll be rewarded for taking as little amount of damage as possible. Finally, Covert missions are about remaining undetected, and you’ll earn extra points for keeping enemies alive.

Having appeared in Sony’s launch title list, Unit 13 was seemingly scheduled for the 22nd February European launch of Vita, although according to comments on the PlayStation Blog it now appears to have been a mistake.