News – TurnOn features a city without power

May 10, 2016 by  
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TurnOn is a puzzle platformer that puts you in control of an alien spark called Turnon. After coming to life and plunging the city into darkness when arriving on earth, it’s up to the little spark with the face to restore the power. Who ever knew that a spark had a face as well as a conscious?

TurnOn has you riding along electricity cables, and also has you solving puzzles and fighting enemies. Turnon is fortunately not alone in the city. A scientist, Professor Brain, finds him and befriends him after he crashes into the city’s power station. Brain has a minibus that features an electric generator, which helps Turnon in his travels across the city.

The story in TurnOn lacks cut-scenes and dialogue, and it’s all about the visual storytelling, which should please those who just want to get on with things.

TurnOn is due for release on Xbox One, PC and Mac on June 1st. The developer, Brainy Studios, is a team of only four people.