News – The Hitman beta gives you access to the Prologue mission

February 9, 2016 by  
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Taking place in a secret training facility, the Prologue mission of the upcoming Hitman game is set 20 years before the events of the first Paris mission. This was a time in which Agent 47 was introduced to the ICA as well as his handler Diana Burnwood. The Prologue mission won’t only be launching with the first episode of the game on March 11th, as we now also know that the exclusive PS4 and PC beta of the game will be comprised of this mission.

The Prologue mission features two free-form hits, and it will allow you to get to grips with the game during Agent 47’s early career. If you are wondering if the famously bald-headed assassin had more hair back then, you could always have a gander at the new beta trailer below.

If you are desperate to play the beta, the only manner in which you are guaranteed access is by pre-ordering the Intro Pack or the Full Experience. Pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition will also grant you guaranteed access to the beta.

The Hitman beta begins on February 12th and ends on February 14th on PS4, while the PC beta will run from February 19th until February 22nd.