News – Telltale Games make a number of announcements

February 21, 2011 by  
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The excellent Telltale Games are working on games of zombie comic and TV series The Walking Dead, as well as Vertigo’s Fables comic book series. It’s currently unknown when and what formats both will be launching on.

Telltale Games have already revived the likes of Sam & Max and Monkey Island, and now they’re also reviving the King’s Quest series, which originally appeared back in 1984 and was followed by a number of sequels. No word on formats or release date, but the company will be announcing more about the new episodic series at E3 in June.

Finally, Telltale Games will be returning to Puzzle Agent. Puzzle Agent 2 is set for release on PS3 in the summer. Of course, we’re still waiting for Back to the Future to hit the PS3 as well.