Steampunk run and gun shooter Wells announced for Xbox One

January 23, 2016 by  
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Steampunk is a fairly popular thing in gaming, and a newly announced Xbox One game makes use of this theme.

The 2.5D Wells is described as a run and gun shooter, which takes inspiration from games released in the 1990s.

You take control of George Wells, a top hat-wearing smuggler from the city of Percepolis, which is described as the city of the new century. It’s a revenge tale, as George is looking to put down the clients that attempted to kill him.

The developer Tower Up Studios has said that there is a great variety of enemies, and you’ll be required to use different tactics to defeat them, as well as take on huge bosses at the end of each stage.

The weapons in the game have unlimited ammo, although they don’t have unlimited usage, as there’s a cool-down period after you have fired off a certain amount of shots.

Finally, it’s not all about running and shooting, as the below video also shows off Wells seated on his steampowered motorbike.

Wells is due for release later this year.