News – Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Heading to Europe

April 12, 2011 by  
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Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is on its way to Europe. The Namco Bandai DS RPG will be published by Nintendo themselves.

The game takes place on the floating islands of the Shepherd Republic and has you taking charge of Red Slavarin, a dog that can transform into a human, and there’s plenty of fighting to do along the way, with robotic Mecha being just some of the enemies you have to face.

There’s also an anime visual style, that is produced by some big name Animation and Manga people, Nobuteru Yūki (The Vision of Escaflowne) is one such person involved, whilst the cut scenes were made by Madhouse (Marvel Anime, Ninja Scroll, DeathNote, CardCaptor Sakura).

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is out later this year.