News – lists apparent price and release date of Kinect

June 30, 2010 by  
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UK online Games retailer, ShopTo have Kinect (Microsoft’s fancy body-sensing motion camera) listed for release on November 19th, priced at £124.86. The retailer expects the recommended retail price to be £129.99.

As an add-on I feel that this is too much, and as Kinect’s main target audience seems to be that of a more casual/non-gamer variety, it may not sell as well as Microsoft hope. It is advanced tech, though, and the company are obviously looking to make some money out of their investment.

Speaking to Eurogamer, ShopTo’s CEO, Igor Cipolletta, has said that he thinks the” price is too high” and that “pre-orders are currently very low”. He also thinks it “should be priced at around £70”.

Good luck to Microsoft, I think they’ll probably need it.