News – Sheltered coming to PS4

February 10, 2016 by  
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Post-apocalyptic survival game Sheltered is coming to the PS4 soon.

The game, developed by Unicube and Team 17, takes place following a nuclear holocaust. You’ll have to gather supplies and make your way to a underground shelter, of which will become your family home for the foreseeable future. Bliss.

There’s many moral choices to be made, and such decisions can affect the fate of your family. Things such as radiation and mental exhaustion are some of the other things that you’ll have to deal with, and leaving the shelter to hunt for supplies is also a necessity.

Sheltered is already available to download on Xbox One via its Game Preview Program. The game is also available on Steam Early Access. Since being released in early access, there’s been some major updates, bug fixes and various tweaks made to the game.