Shadwen has you stealthily making your way to kill a king

April 17, 2016 by  
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Shadwen now has a launch window on PS4 and PC, with the game set to be released some time next month.

Shadwen is described as a stealth action game, and the title character is on her way to kill a king. She meets up with a girl called Lily, who joins you on your quest, although, interestingly, you can resort to violence in front of her, but this won’t do you any favours in her eyes in terms of how trusting she is of you, so perhaps finding another way would be the best bet.

Shadwen is equipped with a grappling hook, and you’ll be doing normal stealthy things such as hiding in shadows and dropping down from ceilings like a ninja. If you do get spotted, the guards are apparently a ruthless bunch.

The game is also physics-based in the way that you can use Shadwen’s grappling hook to topple objects on top of enemies, and make deaths look like accidents, Agent 47 style. You’ll also be able to set up traps for your enemies.

Whenever you are still in the game, time apparently stops moving, and you are able to rewind time to manipulate your past and present actions. This might come in handy.

Developer Frozenbyte held a demo beta campaign, and the more that people played the game, the more that the final launch price would come down. With over 20,000 downloads, the campaign was a success, and the game will be released for $14.55 (around £10) as opposed to $35 (around £25), although this may differ slightly on PS4.