News – Rainbow Moon gets release date

June 18, 2012 by  
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PSN Network exclusive RPG Rainbow Moon is heading to the UK on the 4th July, publisher eastasiasoft has announced.

The game, developed by SideQuest Studios, sees the reluctant and bad tempered protagonist Baldren transported to the unfamiliar land of Rainbow Moon. At the same time he accidentally opens a gate, introducing monsters to the formerly peaceful planet. It’s up to him and five other characters to reseal the gate and get Baldren back home by gathering the seven magical artifacts that are required to make a dimensional gate staff.

There is said to be around 40 hours of gameplay on offer. There’s a healthy amount of exploration, with more than 20 dungeons, of which are  apparently complex affairs, with puzzles, multi layers and lots to find. Battles meanwhile function like a strategy RPG, whilst changing equipment will not only change stats but will also at the same time have a cosmetic effect on your weapons and armour too. A crafting system is available and there’s lots of additional content, some of which is unlocked upon completion of the game.