News – Pokemon Black and White Version 2 gets release date

June 29, 2012 by  
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DS games Pokemon Black and White Version 2 are coming to Europe on the 12th of October, Nintendo has announced.

Events once again take place around the Unova region, but two years after Pokemon White Version and Pokemon Black Version. There will however be plenty of new areas to explore as well as changes to existing ones to discover.

Also available on the 3DS Nintendo eShop at the same time will be Pokemon Dream Radar. This allows players to capture Pokemon by utilizing the cameras, the Augmented reality and motion control of the format. You’re then able to transfer them to Pokemon White or Black Version 2.

In the Autumn, the Nintendo eShop will also receive the Pokedex 3D pro. This will be an enhanced version of the original and will function as a guide with every Pokemon to have ever been featured in the long enduring series.