News – PlayStation Network PLAY announced

August 8, 2011 by  
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It may have taken awhile for Sony to realise that Microsoft has a good thing on their hands with the annual Summer of Arcade promotion, but now the PS3 has a similar yearly promotion.

PlayStation Network PLAY will be comprised of four games released over four weeks. The promotion will begin on August 24th, through to September 20th. The games included are Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, The Baconing, BloodRayne: Betrayal (which has apparently been delayed into October, so will probably be replaced by something else), and Renegade Ops.

The four games may not be PSN exclusives, although purchasing them during the promotion will give you access to some free downloadable content. From Wednesday it will be possible to pre-order all the games, and doing so will bag you a free theme to put onto your PS3 desktop.

If you buy all four games before 20th September, you’ll get PayDay: The Heist free of charge when it arrives on PSN on October 5th.

PlayStation Plus members will also be able to purchase the games for 20% cheaper up until 20th September.