PS4 Pro is PlayStation Neo’s official name

September 7, 2016 by  
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PlayStation 4 Pro is the version of the PS4 that was previously going under the name of Neo, and it will be released on November 10th priced at £349. This news was announced at today’s PlayStation Meeting.

As rumored, PlayStation 4 Pro will support 4k and HDR and will have double the GPU power, and will allow developers to increase detail and frame-rates in their games on the console, with some developers even set to patch already released games. For those who don’t own a 4K TV, Sony revealed that making the upgrade would still be worthwhile, with all games being displayed in 1080p and potentially being smoother when played on the new system. The console will also help enhance certain PlayStation VR games. Finally, the PS4 Pro will have a 1TB hard drive, although it will not include a 4K Blu Ray Player.

With more powerful versions of both Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles released and releasing in this generation, change is definitely afoot in the console world.