Platformer A Hat in Time jumping to consoles very soon

November 28, 2017 by  
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It’s taken awhile to come to consoles, but 3D platformer A Hat in Time will be released on PS4 and Xbox One next week, Wednesday December 6th. It will be priced at £22.99

The cartoon platformer stars a top hat wearing girl as she traverses across five worlds to find time pieces in order to replenish her ship’s fuel. You’ll also be able to stitch and wear new hats along the way, each with their own unique abilities.

Developed by Gears for Breakfast, A Hat in Time has already been warmly received on the PC, and joins the likes of Yooka-Laylee and Super Lucky’s Tale in what has been somewhat of a resurgence of classic-style 3D platformers.

Source: Twitter