News – Pandora’s Tower gets release date

February 14, 2012 by  
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Action RPG Pandora’s Tower will be released on April 13th, Nintendo has announced.

The game has an interesting premise to say the very least. It sees protagonist Aeron’s friend, Elena gradually transforming into a monster as the result of a curse.

You’ll journey through 13 dungeons to attempt to save her, by feeding her meat obtained from defeated monsters. Elena’s appearance will grow more grotesque, the longer you spend in a tower and how well you treat her throughout will determine the outcome of the story.

The combat is fast paced and Aeron posesses an Oraclos Chain, which is not only utilized in combat situations, but can also be used to interact with the environment in various ways such as to grab objects or to reach otherwise impossible heights.

There’s also an upgrade system, where you can enhance equipment by trading items, or create new ones by combining two items, all of which is carried out through the mysterious merchant Mavda.