News – Nintendo’s 3DS Unveiled

June 15, 2010 by  
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At their E3 Conference, Nintendo have showcased the 3DS for the very first time. Satoru Iwata detailed its new features and its 3D capabilities. There was also a rather silly video involving Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime which saw the former two being sucked into the handheld, whilst the latter got attacked by Bowser who came out of the screen. It was silly but all rather amusing at the same time.

The next iteration of the DS will be cashing in on the current 3D craze with new 3D games and even the option to view 3D movies, but best of all is that you won’t need any ridiculous glasses in order to see the 3D effect. Not only does the new model have the said 3D effect, but it will also boast improvements to its graphics, as the trailer for the newly announced Kid Icarus Uprising proved.

The 3DS is to receive a lot of third party games with the likes of Metal Gear Solid, Ridge Racer, Batman, Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil, Samurai Warriors, Madden, Saints Row, Kingdom Hearts and DJ Hero announced for it. Indeed, it was a very impressive conference for both the DS and the Wii.

As for features, the 3D effect can simply be controlled with a built in slider, there’s a new analogue nub, there’s also two camera lenses in order to take 3D photographs, and finally the top screen is a 3.5 inch widescreen display.

The 3D effect is apparently very impressive according to the like of IGN. Expect the 3DS to sell like hotcakes whenever Nintendo sees fit to release it.