Nintendo Labo is something a little different

January 18, 2018 by  
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Nintendo have revealed Labo, which is a highly unusual product in the way that it begins life as flat fold-out cardboard that can be shaped into various items, which includes the likes of pianos, motorbikes, fishing rods, robots, houses, and more. Nintendo are calling these Toy-Cons.

Not only this though, you are also able to add Switch’s Joy-Con controllers to these Toy-Cons in order to bring these objects to life, and you are then able to use them in games. You are able to press the keys of the piano for example, which then behaves and sounds like a real piano.

You’ll also be able to purchase a customisation kit in order to decorate your Toy-Cons with stencils, tape and stickers.

At launch, there will be two kits (the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit) available, which also come with their own software. Pricing? The first one will set you back £59.99, while the Robot Kit will cost you £69.99. The customisation kit will meanwhile cost £8.99.

Nintendo Labo will be released on April 27th.