News – New Xbox Live Additions

June 13, 2016 by  
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Microsoft have announced plans to bring additional services to Xbox Live. These include allowing users the ability to play their own music in the background of games and also allows them to play in any language, no matter where they are. Cortana, the digital assistant currently on Windows 10, will also be making its way to the Xbox One. These will be coming sometime this summer.


Cortana will be coming to the Xbox One.

Other services announced have a heavy focus on allowing people to have more gaming interaction with one another. Services announced include Clubs, which allows players to create communities and connect with people that have the same interests as they do. Looking for Group is another new addition that allows players to find others who have similar goals in mind. Quoted as being a ‘want ad for multiplayer’, players can seek out other players specific to their current gaming needs, such as additional players, or help with creations they are currently working on. The last addition focuses on competitive gaming; known as Arena, it is quoted as being a ‘new tournament platform’ and is a place ‘where you can compete solo or with friends in your favourite games’. As well as competing in titles from Microsoft Studios, you will also be able to compete in games from publishers such as Daybreak, Hi-Rez, War Gaming, and other such companies. EA will also be bringing some of their biggest games to Arena ‘in the coming years’, including Fifa. These additions will be coming this autumn.