News – New Xbox 360 Controller is in the Works

August 31, 2010 by  
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Update: Microsoft has since confirmed this as fact. This new silver controller comes with a Play and Charge kit and has a transformable d-pad (it can be twisted for different games) and grey face buttons. Major Nelson has said that it’s coming to Europe sometime in February 2011. No word on the RRP as of yet.

According to a rumor posted on Joystiq, the Xbox 360 is to receive a new controller in some form or another. The d-pad of the current controller has long been said to be not very useful for fighting games, and it’s apparently the d-pad that is set to get the revision.

It’s said that the new d-pad will raise up about a quarter of an inch when the d-pad is rotated 90 degrees.

I just use the stick on fighting games, although for those who prefer to use the d-pad, this will be very welcome news.

Source: Joystiq