News – New Sonic game for Wii and DS

June 15, 2010 by  
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Sonic Colours is the title and involves the titular Sonic speeding through theme park inspired environments in order to rescue a colourful race from Dr. Eggman (he’ll always be Robotnik to me!).

The game will combine the use of 3D and 2D perspectives, much like Sonic Unleashed successfully achieved. It was just a shame about those maddening difficulty spikes, particularly in those frustrating werehog sections.

Sonic is also able to use colour powers and can access different routes through the levels. It’s all looking very colourful (the title would be a lie otherwise) and attractive, and I’m hoping this will be more like The Secret Rings as opposed to the dissapointment that was The Black Knight.

“In Sonic Colors, players run at supersonic speed through incredible looking planets each with their own unique visual style. In addition to the classic Sonic gameplay style, the colorful new Wisp power-ups offer a fresh new way of exploring these worlds and helps make Sonic faster than ever before!” Said Gary Knight, SEGA’s Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Sonic Colours is due out on the Wii and DS later this year.