News – New Resident Evil 7 ‘Lantern’ Gameplay Trailer

August 21, 2016 by  
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Capcom have released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming Resident Evil 7. Revealed during its Gamescon coverage in Germany, it shows a found-footage style recording of a young women, Mia, who is trying to escape a derelict house whilst being stalked by a mysterious woman holding a lantern, this woman being Marguerite Baker, the wife of Jack Baker who was in The Beginning Hour demo. The trailer ends with Mia being captured by her assailant, and Capcom have confirmed that although she is not the main character, she is closely tied to the events taking place. The trailer also shows that Resident Evil 7 will definitely be focused on being more of a claustrophobic horror game, with dim lighting and hiding/peeking mechanics, reminiscent of Outlast. Gamesradar spoke with Masachika Kawata, the Producer of Resident Evil 7, who confirmed to them that the game will have a mix of exploration and hide and seek sections. Masachika Kawata also confirmed that the video tapes will play a part in the game, allowing the player different perspectives of an incident or event.

In my opinion it does seem as though Resident Evil 7 has become the Silent Hills spiritual successor instead of the more traditional Resident Evil game that fans have been long waiting for, and it sorely needs to bring something new to the table in order to compete with the many other horror games that use this style. The idea with the video tapes certainly seems original and hopefully it will be used to full effect, although very little has been shown of the game to make any rash judgements. At the moment, to me it doesn’t exactly feel like a Resident Evil title, instead feeling rather interchangeable with any other horror game of its type. However, being a horror fan I am still very much looking forward to playing it nonetheless. You can read our Resident Evil 7 speculations here. Resident Evil 7 is due for release on 24 January 2017.